Materials Again

We haven’t had a materials thread in a while. Rather than replying to a months-old thread, I thought I’d start a new one to see what materials people have come up with recently.

I had lunch with a friend today and somewhere along the way he said “I’ve got to figure out what to do with those cases of tile.” To which I responded “Wait, what tiles?” He said he had samples in the car but there’s A LOT more at his mother-in-law’s house. The small ones are 6" and maybe sandstone. The middle one is 12" marble. The big ones is 13" ceramic. There are 175 of the small ones. If I can engrave those and sell them as coasters or nicnaks I should be able to make a start on paying for the Glowforge.


I kind of went crazy with buying mirrored acrylic lol


I’ve purchased a few glass sample packs on Amazon, and have been stocking up on Tandy veg tanned leather.

From work, I have access to both both brown and brilliant white slip sheets from incoming goods. Either will be great for stencil work, Also, I can get lots of cardboard whenever I need it.

I just picked up some inexpensive glass spice grinder jars at myspicer.

(I’ve updated the link to take you directly to the jars. I ordered a few spices from them, to test the quality, which I’m sad to say is truly pathetic.)


No hands-on experience yet, but I’m looking forward to working some stone. I have noticed the laser tends to bleach color from softer stone like slate, so darker is probably better. Granite or harder stone looks to etch (shatter from thermal shock) and not bleach, so etching on a polished surface I expect will probably give the best contrast. Post laser highlighting will be something I explore.
I think you will have some fun with that stuff!

@elsman18, I keep having to rein myself in regarding materials I lust after.

@lcuellar63, thanks for the link.
Since we have been growing our own herbs nothing else comes close. She enjoys running out to the garden to pick what she needs as she cooks.
You have to be careful with that stuff, it’s powerful.