Materials and suppliers

Have you gotten your samples yet? I haven’t received anything.

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I ordered 10lbs while it was on sale. The scraps are on the smaller side. I pulled a few of the larger sections so everyone can get a good idea of what you get. They have various textures and are varying thicknesses. Very soft and flexible. Nice selection.


Yes, a few weeks ago…forgot to post them.


I still haven’t gotten it yet. :cry:

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Yes, got mine too - thanks to your link!
My fav is the fluorescent and the tortoise shell.

There was a 12"x 16" or so that had “print this side” on the peel off film.
Clear acrylic, no discern able difference between the sides.
What’s up with that??


It’s for digital printing…like substrate.

I love the metallics, pearls and of course glitter…lol
I get my flourescents and other acrylics from Great prices


I think they got lots of sample requests after we posted the link and may be taking longer to fill…



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I just got two samples from Rimex Metals, laserable-coated stainless steel (their T22 line of products).
One is “hairline purple” (which has a brushed look) and the other is “Green Mirror”. Forgive the photo, it is difficult to capture the color and reflections using my phone.


I just received my 2 samples as well. Now I have to figured out what I want to put on them.


I was thinking plaques for some kind of award or trophy. Not sure what I need to make a trophy for, but I’ll be coming up with something, now.

Thanks, I finally requested mine.

I just got the exact same sample packet

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Scored at thrift shop - I walked over to a customer’s office today to deliver some heat transfers I had printed for them. On the walk back, I stuck my head in a thrift shop that occasionally has interesting looking furniture. I found one interesting thing and that led me into another room at I had never been in before. I found these “bubble glass” things that appear to be acrylic and a partial sample box of Staron solid surface material.

I just checked the MSDS. I’m new to lasering so I’d appreciate any insight into how safe these are. The ingredients are Hydrated Alumina, Aluminum Hydroxide, and Aluminum Trihydroxide. The only thing that stood out to me in the Hazards Identification section was “At higher temperature, a small amount of methyl methacrylate can be released”.

Do you think these are laserable?


I believe it is similar to Corian, which is a DuPont product that uses aluminum dust and binder. Says it’s an acrylic. It seems to be used by those with lasers for mementos and plaques. Corian works. Looks like a good find.



just found out that my brother has a 40 gallon barrel over flowing with 1/4 ash that he said he wasn’t sure what he was going to do with it. so I looked at it and said … I can laser that and its chinchilla safe so he said its all mine :slight_smile: he also told me that at his shop they used poplar as a base for some of the things they make and at any given time they have close to 1000 board foot that is just scrap not big enough for them to do anything with so I said herm… that’s chinchilla safe as well so plane that down 1/4. man I am so excited just need some laser


Chinchilla safe?? Never heard that before.
Sounds like you have plenty of poplar and ash though. That should keep you busy for a while.


so the chin’s will eat wood as teeth grow non stop they need something to chew wood, stone etc… some woods are toxic others are safe.


I’ll bet they’re cute little buggers. Is there a kitten season for chinchillas like there is with cats?