Materials and suppliers

season ?

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I think he’s refering to them having kits (baby chinchillas). :smile_cat:

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I guess that answers my question, hahaha! :smile:

Yep, that’s what I meant! (I’m a “she” by the way.)


ya so I have 4 girls and 1 male, and well he does not get to play with the girls. but I think they are ready to go at any given time. plenty of unwanted chins around to adopt no need to breed

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Oh! I was thinking that might be the case with indoor animals. I follow a lot of rescue kitten livestreams; they are rescuing ferals and strays, and their season is spring & summer (because of the temperatures).

Sorry about the hijack! Back to materials & suppliers…

flipping the coin, thinking I may go to my brothers and dress all the ash on hand he has so to get it out of his way so he doesn’t throw it away/burn it well waiting for my Glowforge.

may have to get a caliper to make sure its dead nuts 1/4 so that my hooks and slots will fit


number brother said eh with the laser delivery being so unpredictable rather to leave it rough so that any swelling or Curley between now and next year can just be plaines or fixed before use rather then doing it now and possibly having bad wood later


Got mine today! 5 day turnaround. These guys mean business.

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Tandy Leather once again has the 10lb box of scrap veg leather marked down to $9.99:


Wishing I hadn’t had 6 months of unemployment and thus debt attacking up.

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Yeah that’s no fun. Dave Ramsey the heck out of that debt. You can do it!:money_mouth:

Thanks to @Hirudin for mentioning that Port Plastic sells acrylic scraps and cast offs I managed to score about 50 sq/ft of various thicknesses (1/8" to 1/2") and various finishes (clear, frosted, white, bronze, gray and even silver mirrored). It is sold by the pound and the total came to $87. That works out to about $1.75sq/ft for my lot. I will however need to run tests on most of them as they are not identified as cast or extruded. I am really happy to have a bunch of acrylic to play with!


Does anyone here know of a plastic supplier in the Chicago area that sells drops like this?

Which location are you close to? I noticed there is one in my city (Tucson) - will have to get there before work one day this week!

This was from the Albuquerque location. It would not hurt to call your Tucson shop and ask if they have some on hand. I assume the stock changes frequently, especially when someone like me comes along and clears it all out. I intend to check mine from time to time, especially for the more unique finished and colors.

Cool! I’ll have to look for that here :wink:

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Does Inventables have a storefront? They are in Chicago.

No, I’ve visited Zach - they don’t have a retail space. It’s a cool office though!

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There is a youtube video that shows their office and where they store all the subssttrates and supplies they sell. Very interesting video ( and they have a sliding/hidden wall in their office). :grinning: