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Thanks @marmak3261. I was hoping to find a commercial supplier that would have odd-sized drops for sale. Hopefully a large one with lots of drops that sells cheap to get rid of them. I think that Inventables sells only specific sizes. They do have a wide range of material types, though.


You cleared them out eh? Nice! :smiley:

I could see glass shops having leftover acrylic that they’d let go, especially if you were willing to give them money in exchange. I’d guess they’d mostly have clear, but that’s also prolly the most popular lack-of-color.

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I’ve been avoiding this thread because it’s so long (I read too slowly to visit every topic), but, DANG!, it looks like you’re scoring big ol’ piles of material left and right! Cool!


Woo hoo - finally stopped by the Port Plastics in Tucson. I went inside to ask if they sell the scraps - they said yep - $1 pound then he took me out back. They had,behind the warehouse about 10-20 refrigerator sized boxes about 5 ft tall filled with acrylic pieces - some were formed pieces - not good for my purposes, but some boxes were filled overflowing(as in- I stood on pallets to pull pieces from the top that were eye level with me -although that’s only about 5 ft - Dan may have had to reach down) with cast clear, bronze, opaque acrylic and polycarbonite. I mean several tons easily. I just grabbed a several pieces - 15 pounds worth. Now when I say pieces, my 2 biggest pieces were 16x33 inches and 12x 36 inches. My smallest piece was 18 x 11 inches ( yes inches not cm !!) plus several more pieces in between. He said they do get colored acrylic pieces in sometimes ( actually there may have been in some of those boxes - I went in the morning but had to hurry home and get ready for work, so only stopped in for 5-10 minutes).
Next time I’m taking a couple big blue Ikea shopping bags and dig through some of the stacks. I only picked up 1/8 to 3/16 (one piece may be1/4) but they had larger pieces - like half and more thickness. I got some bronze/tinted, clear, white and opaque pieces. Good Friday !! :+1:


Wow! That’s really cool. Around here all I get is mat board offcuts from the local framing shop.


@emacartoon - I saw you mentioned Johnson Plastics a couple times in this thread. Are you happy with them as far as prices, availability, and service? I’m about to buy a dye sublimation printer and they are one of the two closest vendors (their New York warehouse) that carry the equipment I’m looking at. And it’s a plus that they sell laser engraving consumables. Would you recommend Johnson Plastics as a primary vendor? Thanks!


Yes, absolutely. I use them as my primary vendor here in Phoenix for as much as I can. They’ve never messed up on my orders… Which I can’t even say about some of the other vendors here where I have physically handed them the piece of cast acrylic I would like cut and got back extruded.

Their prices and materials are superior to Instructables’s, although they have begun a partnership with them on some of the other materials.

#227 for people in new England that don’t mind a drive, they also do ship to all of US and will cut it down to 12x20 for the 4x8 sheets


Ohhh My!!! That is right next to me!

I’m going to need to see if they have a scrap/drop bin!


Oh wow, that’s close since I work in Boston… Thanks for sharing!


if you do go can you let me know if the bamboo is solid or if its a vanier on a core


Me too. I’m looking for good bamboo.


ya I figure 195 for 4x8 will yield 16 12x20 so that’s 12$ a blank for the gf… Inventables is 3x that cost


I installed a bamboo floor in the kitchen, 5\8" x 4" x4’ plank.
Don’t remember the sq.ft. in a box, but it was like $30/box.

It is solid, laminated 2 ply. Because of the thin wall thickness of bamboo, you won’t find anything in excess of 1\4" that isn’t laminated.


yes correct I have a bamboo kitchen floor, however some of my designs are larger then the flooring planks will accommodate by a long shot. and i know it is a composite material it is fine I just want to know if the core is junk wood or more bamboo, my floor is more bamboo (4 layers of it)


I picked some bamboo flooring up at Costco a few years back. Good price, but it reeked of formaldehyde and other nasty crap…stored it for a few years to outgas…and now need to figure out where to use it. If I’m lucky it will fit the feed through on the gf.


it wont fit the gf pass through is only 3/8 and most flooring exceeds that. best bet is to chop it down to 20’s. ya the next thing I need to do is figure out who is making anything with safe adhesives for the animals to chew. more then likely I may and up just having to find solid woods of large enough size to work with that are also safe for animals to chew


That’s a great find! Your location has a much greater supply of scraps than ours.


What a great idea and thanks for creating this resource :nerd_face:


WooHoo - took the day off work to drive up to Phoenix and look at supplies ! Ended up going to Johnson Plastics which had Laserbits rep/supplier on site as well, Professional Plastics, Outwater Plastics (got some LED standoffs for acrylic!) and some lumber yards. Then after quick stop at a Disney outlet store stopped at IKEA and bought some nice wooden cutting boards (they have inexpensive bamboo ones as well) , some good scrap cardboard and MDF for free. What a great start to the 4 day weekend! So now i have more acrylics ( and Romark glow in the dark laserable sheet) and now just need the Glowforge… May play with the K40 on some stuff but that thing is so inconsistent (possibly user error contributing) so I’ll keep stacking and waiting…


72 shot glasses from - I’m going to sandblast them with stencils cut on my vinyl cutter for now but I made sure they will fit in the Glowforge for direct engraving.