Materials and suppliers



12x20…like it was made for Glowforge!


Dadgummit…another $50.

Fifty bucks, fifty bucks, fifty bucks…


Better than the GF store - there it’s a hundred bucks, a hundred bucks, a hundred bucks :slight_smile: I never leave there under a hundred bucks spent.


I did once, by about $2, and then I was kicking the living daylights out of myself for missing out on the free shipping. Chuckle! :smile:


even cheaper:

no idea about shipping, though.


Couple bucks cheaper when you factor in shipping. (To here, anyway.)


I did the =100 once. That hurts. Free shipping is “over $100”.

What was worse was I had forgotten one thing and had to go back and buy that separately (so I spent another $90 on top of that too :smile:).


How I feel about filling up my beast and reloading my Starbucks Card.



From Office Depot, 50 sheets of 12x20 cardboard were $28, free shipping. Fastpack was cheaper ($11), but charged a lot for shipping ($17 to Florida), so the price worked out about the same.


fair point. the shipping gets more reasonable per piece as you add more, but none of us would likely use the volume it would take to make it significantly cheaper.


Yeah, free shipping makes a huge difference for laser materials. Reminds me of 3d printer filament - the shipping can be 1/2 the cost of the material, unless you buy through Amazon Prime or some other source with free shipping.

Proofgrade’s pricing is actually pretty reasonable, if you buy over $100 at a time and get free shipping. And, of course, things work magically well.


So we have been messing with our GF for a few days now and have been looking at what to spend our “free” money on at Inventables. Is it worth it to buy a 12X24 sheet of something and then somehow trim the 4" off that won’t fit into a basic GF? Or are basic owners kind of stuck with having to get the smaller ones that are only 12" long so everything fits in the bed?


What is cheaper - two 12" or one 12x24 ?

Other than that I would suggest it is up to how large a project you have planned.


I buy butt loads of Baltic Birch and other things in 12x24 and go straight to the bandsaw with it.


This is assuming that people have access to a way to cut material outside of harnessing the awesome power of light. :slight_smile:

I’m thankful to have a shop I can do that in, and I’d be willing to help anyone who is near me, but for those without a bandsaw, tablesaw, handsaw, etc… it will certainly be tougher. I know you can score and crack acrylic and glass using some tricks, but getting at least a handsaw will certainly help.


Yes, you are correct but a) 80-90% have something and b) over half can use the pass through!


I have a few tools in my wood/metal shop. Was just not sure if it would be cost effective cutting off 2 inches or so on every piece. I will just have to try it out and see what works best. Was also not sure about cut edges messing with the thickness/height of the over all material once cut and then placed into the GF.


Hi, I was wondering if you were able to etch on this with the glowforge?


Have you tried any of their (Ocooch) plys? They say they have MDF core, so wondering how they would stack up to proofgrade.


The proof grade materials from Glowforge, and Inventables have a covering over them to protect the surface while using the laser.

Some of these sources do not include that. Is there a recommended way to cover the surface during cutting/engraving? A source of masking tape in sheets or something like that?