Materials and suppliers

boom. requested. Thanks for the link! Dont forget to be careful about the PVC sheet!


Requested. I have a feeling they are going to be getting a lot of requests soon.


haha yeah I thought ehhh Ill just do it later, but then realized how much of an influx they were about to have

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yup… didn’t order that…

Don’t forget about this one…these were free, too


Thanks for the reminder! I wasn’t able to access the link, so used this instead:

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I mentioned Johnson Plastics earlier, but they just launched a new site featuring stuff from Laserbits and Inventables. So, yay more colours!

I also recently heard a rumour about PVC-free adhesive vinyl so I can safely go back to lasering the vinyl directly off my glass for sandblasting. Now to see where I can get my hands on some!


Here’s a source for PVC free vinyl. I haven’t tried it with sand blasting or etching. Maybe the woven characteristics would cause a problem with edge bleed, not sure. If you’d like to PM me your address, I can send you small #10 envelope piece to play with before you consider an order. I’d never thought of lasering the vinyl directly on glass before blasting.


That would be awesome, thanks!

Yeah, that’s how the shop I learned in 12+ years ago did it. I didn’t learn about the chlorine gas part until a couple years ago.

Do you know if their (Johnson Plastics) Phoenix location is just a warehouse distribution, or can you walk in/shop at that location?

A bit of both. I usually call ahead. They have a lot of my materials on hand since I order the same stuff so often, but sometimes they have to bring it in from their other warehouses. What they do have is sample chips and a bunch of idea stuff, so if they don’t have it in their warehouse, you still know what you’re getting.

I just back from a ZeroLandfill event. Happened across them on Craigslist in the free section. They take samples from local businesses and give them away to artists and others so they don’t end up the landfill. This was the second weekend, so I’m assuming it was a bit picked over, but I was still able to pick up everything below. I’ll definitely have to do some checking to make sure everything I grabbed is laser friendly.

All chrome tanned, so I may or may not be able to do anything with these samples.


Sooooo jealous!


Nice score, and thanks for the link!
I just signed up to hear when the next Seattle event is, it looks like October is there regular month.



I would definitely recommend a wagon of some kind. I had no idea what to expect so I took reusable bags and kept having to empty them into my car. Also, for those who actually own tools, they did have quite a few larger sections of tile and stone, but I don’t have a way to cut them, which is why you only see small square pieces in my collection.


Nice score!! Maybe I should check around my area…we have lots of home builders stores…I’m sure they probably have outdated material samples
I can see these small pieces be perfect for mossaics or inlay work :grin:


I’ve been wanting to stick my head in a Home Depot dumpster…:thinking:


I got yelled at recently for doing this when I was collecting metal strapping/banding for a project. When the guy actually slowed down enough to talk to me about what I was collecting though he was fine with it and even told me where there was more.

I also drive by a bunch of stone countertop supply places regularly and there is always busted up stuff in a pile. I keep meaning to stop and ask if I can have some, but perhaps I should wait until I know what to do with it…

Yeah right. :rolling_eyes: Who am I kidding. Horde it, horde it all!


Hahaha, whew! best laugh of the day!
Exactly. limited real estate.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be ready for the dumpster police.