Materials and where to buy

Just wondering where everyone shops for their wood, and acrylic materials?

Welcome! :grin:
A search on materials will give you a huge list.

Welcome to the forum. We have been here since 2015 and have discussed a great number of things in detail. The fastest way to get really good answers to questions like this, is to use the search function and read through some of the posts.

Looking forward to seeing what you make with your Glowforge.

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Searching can be a little tricky if you’re not sure what terms we usually use. Try “acrylic source” or “hardwood source”, etc. You’ll be flush with info before you know it.


I use Smokey Hill - they are awesome!

Wood -

Acrylic -

They have a combined Facebook page here that is awesome too:

Super customer service - super fast shipping.
Still want some PG myself but so glad I found this.


I was prepared to scoff because generally new material sites tend to be expensive, and there’s a reason why people haven’t really talked about them.

These guys actually look pretty good, pleasantly surprised. How’s the quality of their plywood?

They are great!


I purchase my birch from Ocooch Hardwood

I’m getting my first 2 orders from Smokey Tides tomorrow and ordering from Cerulean Tides because I want to try to mirror tiles and the Linen Mirror. I bought one sheet of their PolyPly of red/white candy cane stripes to play with. They shipped really quick!!


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