Materials Cheat Sheet?

looking for a list of codes or setting for various types of things such as paper, cardboard, etc.
I have read enough that if its light use magnets to hold down but was wanting to prototype ideas with cardboard first. any help would be great and videos especially, im a visual learner


Can’t promise video, but there is an active discussion about this that includes a link to a spreadsheet.


I’ve got about 20+ materials I’ve tested here: <-- opening with a computer works best

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This file has been deleted I’ve tried to do it over and over again to open but nothing I’ve been using that spread sheet for at least a year now I’m sad

That is a bummer. I wonder if anyone copied it at some point?

In the meantime you might like #6 here:

It can help you with a fast testing method for any material.

So I found a copy from July of last year in the internet archive:

If we knew who created it originally, they may be able to look at version history and restore it, but that’s assuming that the person who made it is also not the one who deleted it. This may have been on purpose. [And I have no idea who made it]

@chris1 (or anyone), any clever ideas about how to yoink the data and start a new doc? Is that even ethical? Wayback machine isn’t great at rendering archived google docs, I can’t even see the other tabs let alone access the data in them.


Wondering if there’s some reason this was removed? I have used this since I bought my GF just as a starting point for material testing. The most recent link @evansd2 just posted goes nowhere now, too. File has been deleted message.

I do have my own sheet of settings - but it wasn’t as extensive as this missing one.
I hope someone can recover some of that data.

It could be you… that link I posted to the internet archive has some data that you can copy and paste into your own version. It’s only the top tab unfortunately, but it’s a start.

It was posted by a user, and updated by other users - most likely that user cleaned up their Google Sheets and deleted it.

Not something anyone but they have control over!

Right. And if we knew who that was we could ask them to reinstate it and copy it to be maintained elsewhere.

EDIT: I think I identified the original creator and sent them an email asking if it could be reinstated. We’ll see if I get a reply.


OK I talked to @jordanloshinsky, he said it hadn’t been deleted and provided an updated URL. You can find it in #6 here:


Woot! Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you @evansd2 !!

Has anyone been successful at loading the entire file? I keep getting loading errors on multiple browsers

The link to the google doc provided by evansd2 above works fine in any browser here.

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