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Can you tell me where you are purchasing your wood material from and what type… New to the Glowforge family. Still learning. I know form the samples I don’t like the finished look, it is hard to paint and make look nice.

Thanks in advance…

Here you go, that and more is in this list. Check out #1a in particular:

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Edit: I just updated #1a with an excellent list that @shollg posted about where to find wood.


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Wood sources are plentiful. They range from the big box stores like Home Depot, hobby stores like Michaels through specialty suppliers like Smokey Hill Designs. I suggest you utilize the search function of the forum for specialty wood suppliers and consider your local community resources. Looking through the Glowforge Gallery (tab above) you will find many projects made from wood from lots of sources.


I use Ocooch Hardwoods almost exclusively. They have a great selection, reasonable prices and will provide any custom sizes you want if it’s within what they have in stock.


I’ve been happy with the PureBond Maple, Walnut, etc. from Home Depot. It can be delivered and is cut to GF size. It’s not masked.


I’ve been buying my wood from Craft Closet. I use mainly 1/8 inch Baltic Birch and MDF.
Their rewards program has already given me several FREE 10 Packs of BB and MDF.
Their customer service and shipping times are very good.


I use Woodworkers Source - they supplied me wood for my Glowforge AND my butcher block countertops!


These are a few of my favorites:


HERE is a video of stuff the Glowforge can engrave, maybe give you some ideas.


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Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know about I will definately take a closer look next time I order.
The Cedar from Craft Closet looks AMAZING with a clear, natural stain. I save it for those special projects.

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Thanks everyone for the information…

Can someone tell me why i am getting a error when trying to upload a new design?

The Glowforge servers had a problem today. I believe it has been resolved.

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