Materials Masking Tape

What kind of masking tape/roll is used?
Am I still able to cut without the masking tape?

Check out #2. Common problems/questions


Thank you. I’m open to receive tips, suggestions, assistance, etc. New to the game :slight_smile:

I recommend this stuff from Amazon. Very similar to the paper masking on material that comes from GF.

Transfer Tape for Vinyl, 12 inch x 100 feet, Paper with Layflat Adhesive. American-Made Application Tape for Craft Cutters and Sign Makers


When I used the big roll like beerface suggested, i will use a plastic putty knife and go over the whole thing, pressing down quite firmly to make sure it sticks well and doesn’t come off mid print.


Cutting without masking you’ll get some discoloration on your wood. But for some projects, it’s not a big deal. And it can, at least partially, be cleaned off with rubbing alcohol.

I still prefer to mask things that I want to have a clean, finished look.

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Please note from a newbie that masking tape has a hard time sticking to pre-stained wood. I was pretty frustrated, but learned that if you let it sit for about 3 days it will stick nicely. Mine was curling up and starting little fires, which you don’t want.


Plus all masking is pressure adhesive - so you need to rub it down very hard to get it to stick. I use the edge of a piece of waste wood, some folks use old credit cards, or you can buy a plastic knife - but in all cases you need to press down hard over the entire surface to get it to stick. If you skimp as soon as the laser gets near it, it’ll curl up and expose the wood underneath.


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