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I’m always on the lookout for new resources for GF supplies and have collected a pretty fair-sized database. One that I (and others) have mentioned is , I’ve used them frequently for 1/8” hardwood plywood in cherry, walnut, mahogany, oak, maple, & birch. They even have 1/16” and 1/32” birch plywood. I do appreciate that the sheets are 16”x24”, so that I can cut to get “short grained” sheets that are near GF bed size (12”x16”).

I’ve ordered online, but the website looks/feels a little clunky to me. On my last order, they sent along a paper catalog. It’s better organized and well illustrated – making me take a look at their other offerings. They obviously sell to anyone, but they seem to be oriented to the scroll-saw crowd, which is in reality, the GF community also. This is important to me, since not all companies I order from are geared toward home hobbiest/craftsmen. (“Whata’ya mean, you want less than a freight car load of veneer?”)

They have 1/8” and ¼” hardwood lumber, hardware items like hinges and latches along with plenty of finishing supplies. They also have a wide selection of wood-turned items that just can’t be created on the GF, like spindles, finials, balls, etc. Bunch of clock movements too. Everything is geared toward GF-sized projects.

I would urge anyone interested in using the GF for more than just cutting and engraving proof-grade flat projects, to get a copy of the cherry tree print catalog. Reasonable prices.


It’s always good to have new sources, just be aware that pricing can be tricky to nail down, most of the sources have a loss leader that draws you in. Compare for example their price on a square foot of walnut is about $11, ocooch comes in at about $8.

(Both based on 1/8” thick 6” wide boards)

I keep several sources around and do price comparisons based on whatever species I’m after.


Thanks for the info. I will give them a look.

Cherry comparison I just did Ocooch is way less there as well.

Yes, Ocooch is indeed my go-to source for thin exotic. (I just checked and since jan 2017, I’ve ordered over $2300 from them). I do find they are usually not the best for common species thin lumber, such as walnut and cherry. Always a good idea to shop around for the best price.

I should have made sure my comments on Cherry Tree were not meant as a blanket recommendation for all of their products, but rather to identify a resource that appears better in print than online. I will say that it has perhaps the widest range of products useful in GF crafting that I have found.


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