Materials Storage

We used to have our Proofgrade in a stack and sorting through it was a hassle. I’m still new at this, but I’m excited to do more projects soon!


You will want to keep in mind that storing thin materials vertically can lead to warping - the weight of the material will cause it to bend in one direction. This is especially applicable to wood, and to solid wood. Warping can lead to the laser not cutting through the material.


I love my flat file. If you have the space for it there’s just nothing better.


Welcome to the fun house!
You now have a superpower - the ability to quickly iterate an idea and make imagination manifest!

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Where I have had to store materials vertically I have made them completely vertical and under compression to be sure they stayed flat. By leaning and having no compression those pieces are sure to warp. If you have many shelves horizontal and perhaps 2" -3"apart with a solid floor of 3/8" plywood for each will lower your warpage issues.


@evansd2, @ben1, and @rbtdanforth. Thanks for the good advice. I’ve moved them to flat storage and will rethink my storage method.