Materials that ships to sweden

I have searched the forum, cant find any company that ships to sweden, there surely must be some SOMEWHERE?
US based that ships here?
Anything really, looking for acrylic the most.

Delvie’s Plastics ships US Mail International to Sweden for smaller sheet acrylic (12x12, 12x24). They have a large selection, but I’m not sure what the international shipping will cost you.


Maybe some good stuff here?

I saw this one, maybe useful?

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What materials do you need? Clear plexiglass you can buy at ClarsOhlsson and I m sure Sweden has something like this: Kjøp Originale PLEXIGLASS® plastplater kuttet på mål
I buy MDF and kryssfiner /plywood at a local store here in Trondheim and have bought transfer paper from Danmark and other materials in Germany. Sending material from the US seems unnecessarily expensive… Will Glowforge UK sell proof grade materials? A pity they didn’t open shop in the EU…


A little googling also found akriform.


I’m not sure if they ship to Sweden, but I know they supply many European countries.

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Trotec and akriform only sells to businesses :pensive:

Really? I order from Trotec USA all the time. I was only required to open an account with them for login and to see prices, but they don’t require a business license or name.


One of the tricks that works here in the states is that a lot of sign shops will sell you acrylic (or give you scraps). The tricky part is that you may be getting extruded sheets, which is fine if you’re cutting but won’t look as nice if you’re engraving.

Hobarts in the UK definitely ships to Sweden. It won’t be cheap, but shipping never is. They seem to have overcome there brexit shipping issues, too. I buy wood from them - they have a great light ply for lasering - and they carry all kinds of acrylic. Worth a try.

I tried them, i dont get a shippin choice from them, i have emailed them asking if they dont ship here at all. :pensive:

Strange. They list Sweden on their site. Hmmm…

i am not a business and Trotec ships to me in the Netherlands you only need to make an account