Matte black acrylic?

I’m looking for matte black acrylic (or similar to). Does anyone know where I can get it?

search “acrylic source”. Lots of them on here.

Any major supplier will probably have it, like delvies and estreet.


Welcome to the forum. Matte black acrylic is not particularly common. Inventables has it and it is expensive. I am playing around with Tap Plastics black led acrylic. It is matte, and allows led light through. Kinda interesting.


Oooh - that’s lovely


Ignore the clunky finger joint box. I am just figuring out the light transmission. The leaf is scored and is barely visible without light. The light being used is a cheap led puck light with 20 lumens. This acrylic doesn’t transmit the light the way clear acrylic does, so edge lit stuff doesn’t work. Also, it needs a diffused light as strip leds also don’t work well behind this acrylic.


I may be in the minority, but I like finger joints :slight_smile:

I’m wondering how a frosted full sized light bulb would work, it’d have to be LED to keep the temp down, but especially a 3 stage one could make a neat decorative light


It has to be led or no light shines through.


Then it must be the wavelength of the light. As different LEDs emit different wavelengths, presumably not any LED would work. Maybe the manufacturer has a data sheet that characterizes this.

Tap Plastics.

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I agree with the others, Inventables has the widest matte selection I’ve seen and Tap has matte in black and white. It’s my favorite material and I buy a lot of it as scrap at Tap for very cheap. If you’re in the west and near Tap it’s worth a look. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t have to be LED. It is designed to diffuse light to mimic the look of LEDs with minimal hot spots. It passes all colors.

As you state, it would be very selective if it only passed one wavelength of light. This seller has a video showing it working with different colors.


Trotec has a similar line of products (TroGlass LED) but no black. This is sort of attractive because of the matte black look that transforms into rich jewel colors when the colored leds shine through. The color is similar to, but richer than, what you see with frosted clear acrylic.


What is Tap? Have you got a link?

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Wonderful. Thank you.