Mauna Kea

Not sure how many of you have been following the protests going on down here, but they’re a big deal to the local peoples. Actually, it’s a big deal for many people local or not, for plenty of reasons, but to keep this post neutral, I won’t go into details, and I’ll ask that if you have politically charged opinions about what’s going on, then I’ll ask that you keep them to yourself. I don’t want people fighting or getting flagged in here.

With that said, having the Glowforge, my name gets brought up whenever someone thinks of an idea, and so a friend of mine shot me a message and asked if I thought I could design some earrings. Simple enough as earrings are a “specialty” of mine, so I got to work. After finishing the design, I decided that earrings aren’t exactly worn by everyone, so I made keychains to go beside them. My hope is that I’ll be able to help out by sending some of the money I make to the people who are needing extra help.


Very nice design.

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Can you translate the engraving?

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Google even speaks Hawaiian, translate does not explain but Google does.


Guardians of the mountain :+1:t4:


Great job!

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You have such a nice style to your designs. Beautiful.

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Thanks! I just figured out how to do the pattern that goes around these while making them. Always fun learning something new in the middle of a design :grin: