Maximizing materials

I saw a video recently where a program (or app?) shuffled and grouped letters/shapes that were being cut out so that space was maximized (& the least amount of material wasted). I can’t for the life of me find it. :woman_facepalming:t2:

Does anyone know what program or app does that? TIA!


This is called nesting. Try I think there are a few others and there has been discussion on the forum, but deepnest is a good start.


Yes! Nesting. :+1:t3: Thanks so much ~ I’ll try Deepnest.


Deepnest is super cool, but can be difficult to use.

I’ve found it’s most successful when you’re just cutting pieces that you might be assembling into something.

But if the art is more complex, e.g., it’s a shape with some other shapes on top of it for engraving, it can be hard to make it work in those situations.

Let me know if you have success or need help. I’m curious about making Deepnest better.


deep nest is great. One needs to allow it plenty of freedom in moving parts about so the settings are important. It works well. I let it run for a silly long time and then look for the result that meets my needs and also provides an interesting pattern in the waste. For some designs, I have been able to do better by hand but only because of the time allowed by a long tedious zoom meeting


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