May the winds of heaven



My sister’s friend’s mother passed away recently and my sister wanted to do something for her. She said, (I imagine) “hey - JB has a laser now, I wonder what can we do for a memorial plaque to go along with the tree that I’m buying for her to plant in her mom’s memory?” After clarifying that a granite boulder wouldn’t be possible in the Glowforge, we decided on some natural slate chalkboard that she has in her store.

Thanks to @jbv, I was able up to get up and running and engraving this in a jiffy. This stuff is really gorgeous and we are actually developing some other ideas to use them in. It looks a bit rougher than it is due to the lighting hitting at an angle (FYI: if you want to enhance apparent texture, sidelight is what does it)

(Engraving went in one go. Final size of the slate piece is about 9x6.5”)


Absolutely lovely. Such a wonderful memorial to go with the tree. Well done!


Beautiful job on it. I’m sure that’s a memorial she’ll treasure for the rest of her days. :slightly_smiling_face:


That is a beautiful project. :sunflower: With it likely being something that will go outdoors you will probably want to do some kind of protective coating on it. I’m sure some others here on the forum would have great ideas for what works well.


That is beautiful


That’s a lovely piece. Sorry for your sister’s loss.


Oh my…that verse is lovely. I’m missing my own mom and dad about now, so it’s especially touching. I love engraving on slate, too. This is a wonderful memorial piece. Good job!




This is just lovely. My mother died two weeks ago, and I’m designing a couple of memorial art pieces for her. A plaque similar to this would be such a moving, and relatively low-effort item to put where her ashes will be scattered. Thanks for sharing it.


…I’ll be using the idea of putting something like this where we scattered my dad. Actually, today is the anniversary of when he passed away. Spent some time today researching his military medals and ribbons to decorate a small box for a little portion of the ashes that I kept around. I hope we make some big progress on this whole cancer thing soon. I’m glad for all the memories he gave me, though! :smile:


I’m sorry.


I feel you. As part of my grieving process, I’ve been filling a sketchbook with notes and drawings about her and our relationship. Revisiting her a bit every day seems to be helping.


Thanks, @Jules. It’s been a tough time.


Awesome. There is a county historical group using a laser and marble tiles to re-mark grave sites whose tombstones have been damaged / lost over the decades / centuries.


Oh dear…I am SO sorry for your loss. I’m still working on a memorial for my folks’ resting place, too. It’s been nearly three years now, since we laid them both to rest together, but during this time I’ve scarcely had my Glowforge any appreciable time much less knew how to design anything for it. I am slowly but surely coming to the point where I can do what I’ve planned on for so long. Bless your heart…sending wishes of comfort to you and to your family.


So sorry for your loss.

What a thoughtful and tender way to process this.


I’m so sorry for your loss.


@jbmanning5 This is so very nice. Very well done! She will be very touched.


I’m so sorry to learn this. What a rough time for you. But a blessing that she was able to meet the new life in your home (at least I hope she did) before her passing.


I’m so sorry Morgan.
No one could ever love you like your Mother, and that love will linger around you for the rest of your life.