Maybe this is a 3D Printer?

I thought to try a small job with the 1/8" Grey Acrylic from Inventables. The large photo shows an old instrument panel with functional MFD’s for a large scale RC EuroFighter Jet.

The smaller pic is one of the new MFD button arrays that I did on my GF this morning. I used a vector drawing which uses four different colors. The buttons are done in a two stage approach. I duplicated the buttons twice then assigned different colors for engrave and cut ordering. First I peeled away the backing from the plastic. I then engraved the buttons using 140-8 After the engrave the button perimeters are scored with 305-20. Then the inner panel is cut out with 200-full and the same for the outer panel.

The buttons are not perfect but I can easily apply a drop of epoxy resin to each so that it flows out flat. I then make a silicone mold so that I can mass produce them.

I was quite impressed with the outcome for my first attempt. Once these MFD’s are attached to the main instrument panel I then use small LCD’s to animate the actual functions of the real aircraft.

Now if only my GF would stop scanning so that I can do another batch. Its stuck now for ten minutes scanning si will have to start all over again…


Watch the '‘cancel’ button, if it greys out, the op is hung and you will wait forever.
@takitus discovered if you open another browser tab and load another small (quick to process) file and let it process to the blinking button - then cancel that and return to the tab where your file was hung scanning. It will have cleared and you can scan again.


Hey print…Thanks for the info that worked.

So I used a black CD case to test some of the instrument sub components. Looks nice but the CD case is probably ABS or similar and not good for the laser. This plastic melts to easily so does not do clean cuts etc. So I’ll source some thinner acrylic sheet which will engrave and cut cleaner.

I remember something way back about the laser doing round things for corners. Unfortunately this effect ruins what would be a perfect cut or engrave for what I’m doing. It would be nice if this corner thing was an option that can be turned on or off. When I do these cuts on the FSL laser the corners are perfect. But not so with the GF. Always something gets you!!


I might be misunderstanding what you mean about the rounded corners, but would something like this work? It’s a bit more effort, but it might help with any corners that you want really sharp.

Looks pretty nice!