Mdf 1/2

how come it wont cut thru my mdf 1/2. i tried everything. any suggestions? plzzzz someone help me lol

You’re going to need a bigger laser.


More seriously, at 40-45 watts, 1/2” of virtually any material is really pushing it for any kind of clean cuts. It’s been done, but it’s not necessarily pretty. Additionally, with MDF (and lots of plywood’s) you are guaranteed no kind of success due to a huge variety of compositions that can effectively stop the beam in its tracks.


A couple passes too? What MDF? Since the glue compositions vary greatly. I have cut .43” acrylic. Not too bad. I believe @rpegg did some pretty thick oak with a Pro tube on his pre-release.

I have always figure that 1/4”was the target for these tubes so you are asking more than normal specs.

Flipping it does work well if you get the alignment correct.


I’m not going to say 1/2 is not doable but it is certainly pushing things.

I’d try 3 passes at full power and a slowish speed and adjust from there.

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1/2 would burn quite a bit on multiple passes. 1/4 inch can be cut pretty easily with one pass, full power at 125 speed. It does a good job, and if you can get the alignment set properly flipping it is probably your best bet.

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