MDF vs Draftboard

Does anyone know what draftboard is? Is it MDF? Is it similar to MDF?

I emailed support and they really did not answer the question. The response was “it is engineered wood material” and I should post here to see if anyone knows. So that is what I am doing :slight_smile:


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Yes, it is similar to store-bought MDF.

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It’s an MDF specifically chosen to go with the GF. I believe it should be low formaldehyde. None of the MDF I’ve purchased elsewhere looks anything like it, but I’m sure you could find something very close if you wanted to.

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IMO - I think the PG MDF is better than others. I’ve cut a wide selection of different MDF’s and just have much better luck / consistency with the proofgrade stuff. A single source will yield better product, the stuff you get at big box suppliers will vary with what they can get for a price. Home Depot stuff is a little consistent, but only in batches.

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. :smiley:


Yes, as others have said, draftboard falls under the definition of MDF. It is the most consistent MDF I have found and tends to be closer to HDF or hardboard than most.

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IMPORTANT: AFAIK Laser safe MDF is not the same as regular MDF. It uses different glues to avoid toxicity.