Me want bananaforge



:heart::heart::heart: I see you are already enjoying yourself!! Can wait to see what you create. :rofl:


Every villain needs some minion.


Definitely the finest staging of the ruler shot that I’ve seen! :joy:


Great! You got it! :sunglasses:
Let the adventure begin.


I demand a stop-motion video of them setting up a glowforge!! :joy::joy:


I like that one of them has a beverage. I won’t be forging without a beverage either. It can also be used as fire control should any cardboard or balsa go up in flames.


Yahoooo! Now those minions need to get crackIng and make a custom escutcheon for you!


You and your minions win the internet today!!! :rofl::squeeee::pancake:


Why thank you. Bee Doo.


More Minions!


Those minions deserve a round of applause for a successful first print! Can’t wait to see what else they make :slight_smile: