Mechanical Iris Escutcheon



Finally got around to making an cover for my Escutcheon on my :glowforge:, using a mechanical iris. Fun project, but this machine goes back in the box on Monday and a new one arrives.




Soooooo cooooool!!!


Whut!? Fantastic!


Hey, very cool! Now make it open automatically when the light starts flashing. :wink:


And I suppose a heavy finger that would fall down and push the button?


One step at a time…


Now, now… Everybody knows you must open the iris manually and only after a proper IDC has been received.


if its lockable it would be perfect for tradeshows


Super cool!




omg, I was starting to do research for something like this. Looks great


Oh, Bravo!! Very nice!!

Would you mind sharing details on the hex-bolt hardware you’re using?




6-32 Zinc-Plated Socket Head Machine Screws (25 pack) From ServoCity at different lengths. Honestly, nothing special about these screws, I just had them from previous DIY photography projects.

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* Hyperlapse Rover
* Robotic Follow Focus / Zoom
* Timelapse Channel Slider
* Time Lapse Cable Cam


If that video isn’t gif worthy, I don’t know what is. What an awesome escutcheon!


WOW! I am humbled!


Holy Vaca!!! Vaca is cow in spanish lol. Thats so cool!!