Mechanical keyboard case

Always looking for new excuses to use my Glowforge, I designed and built a mechanical keyboard (starting with nothing but a bare PCB and a pile of parts), as well as this custom lasercut case.

The case has a clear acrylic layer under the keyboard (there are LEDs on the underside of the board), and several layers of basswood plywood and walnut on the top and sides. I designed the model in Fusion 360 (including a detailed model of the PCB, plate, switches, and standoffs) and exported each of the faces to cut to SVG using the Shaper Utilities plugin for Fusion. Here’s the Fusion 360 rendering:

The keyboard itself is a KBD75 PCB from, with Kailh Box white keyswitches. The keycaps are High Contrast Granite from

Fun build!


It’s lovely! It reminds me of some of the earliest computer builds (back when the rocks were still cooling😆).


Good old days, after 10 years of cassette we finally got wooden disks.


Fun use, and I’m sure you’ll have fun using it.

Wooden disks??!? LUXURY!!! Back in my day, we had to write our code out on clay tablets using a stylus.

Seriously, nice keyboard. Next you need to make an acoustic modem coupler to go with it.