Mechanics of Wood Cutting/Lasering

A really good laser/cutting explanation on how to cut versus scorching wood is here:

RDWorks Learning Lab 129 The Mechanics of Wood Cutting


That’s a good one. Thanks!


I would definitely recommend subscribing to this gentleman’s channel and watching his series of videos. Even though they pertain to a 50W Chinese laser, they contain a wealth of info that would benefit even a casual laser cutter user, or even a :glowforge: user for that matter. :wink:


Don’t suppose it’s written up anywhere? I can’t do 22 minutes of this guy’s tempo. I’m sure he has a ton of great info, but the pace is way too slow for my attention span.

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I always play him at 1.5 to 2.0 times normal playback.

If he goes into details I want to study, just click back and set the speed to normal.


Oh right, I forgot you can do that. Good idea!