Medical student award

I had a complicated patient admitted to me the other day with a serious dental infection that was somewhat life threatening (brush those teeth folks!). Luckily one of my medical students was former faculty here at the Harvard Dental School, and is an experienced dentist, so asked her to help us sort it out, with determining the likely source and getting our Oral Surgical consult service involved (because they never believe us physicians). Anyway, medical students often feel (somewhat correctly) as a third wheel. And her effort here really saved the patient. So an award was needed. Normally nobody wants the opinion of a medical student, but here we joked she was the first consulting medical student.

It’s :proofgrade: maple. I used the normal hd engrave settings for the text, and did 300/21 with 3 passes on the back to countersink the magnets. then used the CA glue to adhere the magnets (I scraped the char off since that’s not a good surface to adhere to)

She was absolutely thrilled since medical students always want to feel needed…


And that’s how you create a smile :wink:


Awesome award! Love the non-destructive (to shirts) attachment method too! :grinning::+1:


great magnetic clasp


I see what you did there!:joy:

Great Design! No pinholes.

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This is so cute…and in it’s own way, so important. I LOVE how cute she looks, too.


Hey, good on you for valuing your colleagues so much! I wish my brother could have done his residency with you.

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Very nice gesture Sir!

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Appreciation is the most important thing to people. Great job!