Medium Density EVA foam specs

I’m looking to cut and score some medium density EVA foam

  • Oracle Tide 65kg/m3
  • 5mm
  • Grey

I also have some high density EVA foam I might cut and score

  • Black Isle 125kg/m3
  • 5mm
  • Black

Anyone have any experience with the types of setting one might use to cut these? and also to score them? I prefer to use 1 pass if possible because foam melts and the more passes I use the more melting occurs and I lose size.

I have found some specs for high density Oracle Tide 5mm EVA foam at 100kg/m3. Not sure if it’ll work on the medium density Oracle Tide…

  • Speed 150
  • Full Power
  • 1 Pass

Any insight would be appreciated.

Tests done


Hey welcome to the forum!

As for your settings there’s no substitute for testing.

Check out #6, I lay out a very quick and easy test method:

Like with most foams you can expect some increased kerf size, the foam shrinks away from the cut line as it cools.


As stated, you need to test.

As a starting point, I have settings for 5mm foam I get from Michaels at 325/100 (I have a Pro but 100 should be the same for all). Cuts very nicely for me. I think it’s Elmers brand, don’t have any leftovers with stickers still on them.


Thanks for the spreadsheet link. Although it doesn’t have a lot of foam options, other materials listed would be helpful down the road.

I have tried laser cutting 5mm foam from Michael’s (they’re really just soft and low quality tbh), and I’ve experienced kerf, but it’s inconsistent due to foam melting which is frustrating.

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Again, the spreadsheet isn’t nearly as good as a quick test. You can get it exactly right in 5 minutes, less once you set up the test file in the UI. Testing is so fast once you have that file setup that it’s quicker and more accurate than posting a question about settings.


Welp, I did the tests.
I’m more happy with the scoring than a cut. I can go over it with a hot knife, I don’t mind.


Black Isle 125kg/m3


Speed 250
Power 80 to partial cut
Power 50 to mark


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for posting your findings.

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