Melamine MDF

I have not seen much discussion on the use of Melamine with laser cutters here. I saw someone offering laser cut dry erase boards from Melamine MDF and thought that was a really fun idea. I did some research and it looks like it has some nice results when laser cut.


Thanks! I’ve got that bookmarked! :relaxed:

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I can imagine small white boards with the letters and numbers on them to trace over.


Bookmarking this!! Thanks for sharing!

Any plans to sell a Proofgrade version?

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Nothing that we’ve announced.

What are the cut settings that you are using for Melamine? Have you noticed any need for extra care with Fume handling besides the default fume handling? Melamine would be great to use for my personal projects since it’s so cheap and easy to get from the Lowes here in town. Thank you for suggesting this!

I have found that Proofgrade medium maple settings is a really good starting point for the 1/8" thick.