Melamine (Mr. Clean) sponges for cleaning the interior of your GF



I recently discovered that a melamine sponge does an amazing job on the layer of sticky goop that coats the backside of the front door - it took it back to brand new with about 5 minutes work.

Mr. Clean’s WAY cheaper Chinese cousin to the rescue!


Exactly what I use…particularly on the flap for the Passthrough. It really sticks on that.


I LOVE these erasers, and once I found them in bulk on Amazon I was in heaven. DON’T buy name brand! :smiley:


5 minutes worth of work? How dirty are you letting your front door become? :rofl:

I use 409 and some paper towels on mine. Gets it nice and clean pretty quick!


Vinegar and a paper towel also works well.


I just use masking on it.


That’s actually brilliant!


There is a thought just put masking on all the places you want to be clean and shiny. I am reminded of the lady we bought a house from. She bought all very expensive fine furniture and deep pile white carpeting and then kept plastic covers over all of it all the time and heavy plastic across the carpet so it would never get dirty, And a beautiful huge fireplace that never had so much as a lighted match in it.


It works really well. :+1:


I unscrewed the flap on the pro passthrough and wiped it clean with windex. Quick and easy and perfect.

I normally don’t bother to unscrew it, just wipe it down… but this time I decided to go all in,


…it was my first time cleaning in almost exactly a year - but I only use it about once a week so…52 cuts? :slight_smile:


And then there are people like me who won’t buy dry clean only clothes and if I do, they’ll likely end up in the wash. Life is to short to have things I can’t/won’t use.


Me too - though I’ve discovered that many things that say “dry clean only” mostly mean “be careful in the dryer”
My husband’s suits for instance, get hung dry


After cleaning the important stuff lenses, windows, fans, etc I then wipe down the rest with hand sanitizer and a rag or paper towel. But that is a lesser priority.


Yes. I’ll hang dry and that’s as fussy as I’ll get. Then again, I don’t wear suits AND my husband deals with his own clothes (of course he doesn’t typically wear suits, either).


Light squirt with Windex just turns it all into a paper towel wipe to clean.
Maybe other stuff works as well, but that is what I grabbed first cleaning for the glass and when used on the door it worked there also.
Anything that makes it a ‘paper towel wipe’ cleaning solution is awesome sauce.


That sounds like someone I know. I had an aunt that covered her furniture in plastic too. Us kids weren’t allowed to even sit in those chairs. She was a tad strict about the furniture. :smirk: