Melted Glowforge Lense

Hey Glowforge community, my name is Ty, I am a small business owner and hit a wall with my business’s Glowforge last month.

We’ve been out of commission for the last month. It seems as if the laser lens was put into the small black box wrong and melted. Glowforge doesn’t sell parts, so we’d have to buy a new machine. At this time it’s not in our budget as we just bought this machine. Do you think this is something we can sell for parts to get some of our money back. Any ideas on what we can do? Our machine is just taking space in the office.


on top of the other reply, I believe that they can also sell you an entire print-head in case there’s more damage (mirror, side window, actual plastics in the head…)

Have you opened a ticket with them by email or posting in the problems and support area?

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Send an email to and explain (pictures will help) your problem. They may be able to sell you the parts required to repair it.

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I reached out to Glowforge and they mentioned us buying a whole new machine.

Tried that they said they don’t sell spare parts.

I can’t imagine that would be the case if only something in the head were damaged. Perhaps they checked logs and found other things wrong as well.

post in problems and support with pictures and tell them you want to resolve it here and not via email. No guarantee they won’t still take it to email, but I’m REALLY curious what the response here in the forum will be because I know people have gotten full print heads before.


Good point and I will try to put it in that chat.

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Welcome to the forum.
As others have said, there are many options other than buying a new machine. To say that “Glowforge doesn’t sell parts” is false.

If you want to sell your machine for parts, what are you selling and for how much?


Search for printer heads and find precedent for a new head.

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