Meme to ornament

This is an ornament commissioned by the sister of an incredibly brave ER doc in Massachusetts.

She has spent her ENTIRE pregnancy caring for COVID patients in a highly impacted community and is due imminently.

I haven’t done a ton of design work lately. I was nervous to take on this commission, but felt like it was important so I took the leap. It ended up being a collaborative effort originating with the meme and the family loves it.

My thanks to geek2nurse for creating the COVID 2020 ornament as you can see I used her virus in my design.

Also JB Manning’s photo engraving actions are amazing if you haven’t checked those out.

Be safe, everyone. Let’s just get through the winter.


It is wonderful. I am sure it will be very much appreciated.


Oh my, that’s just awesome. Made me cry to think of all those health care workers and what they’ve had to go through this year. My heart breaks for them.


I feel the same way. Great tribute to our healthcare workers!

Welcome to the forums Diane!


Hoping she is one of the lucky ones that had it unknowingly early on and so is perfectly fine(outside of everyday ER and pregnancy risks).

Really nice.

Great job on that!
The artwork at the top is exceptional. I love that!

Yes they are.


Well said. And welcome

Welcome to the forum and Happy Cakeday @DianeD


That is a terrific ornament! Great work!

Wonderful ornament! Fingers crossed for her at delivery.

Very well done. I’ve seen several people use the actions as well, I’m just too cheap to pay for something haha. Check out as well. These seem to do a pretty good job

Thank you, Diane! I appreciate your compliment and hope you enjoy this community. I’m consistently blown away by some of the art/tech wisdom here.

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Looks awesome