I’ve had this idea to do a combo edge lit/back lit something, I just couldn’t think of something that would really work good with it, and “needed” it.

Last week a good friend of mine told me his dog was very ill, then passed a day later. I’ve had to do far too many pet memorials, and this one needed to be something very different than anything I had done before. A day or two of thought and I finally put 2 and 2 together. This was what my idea had been waiting for.

1/8" cherry PG, 1/4" clear acrylic surrounded by draft board, with a back layer of 1/8" maple. It’s lit with led lighting that I usually use for edge lit projects. IR remote. Lights go all the way around, center to center, with the wires exiting center back.

The backlit letting is scored on the back side of the acrylic, and if I did this again, I’d do it on the front. I love the outer glow it gives, but if you don’t look at it head on, its wonky because of the depth of the acrylic. I’ve done it on the front before, and it looks awesome.


Lovely tribute.


Very nice Curt, It will mean a lot.


I’m sure your friend will love it, very nice job.


Really nice!

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I think it looks great. Your friend will definitely love it.

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Wow, your vision really came together in this one. Nice job!

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Well done! And the led work is exceptional!

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