Menards LED nightlight 3D printed adaptor

I keep looking for the bases that have a thick acrylic reflector and don’t see them. So I looked at what is available. Wanted to get a light sensor in the mix too. The Jasco Walmart ones work great for doing a thick acrylic custom reflector, but still want that daylight sensor.

So I have got both my 3D printers set up now on a new bench next to the Glowforge so I can do some serious production. Just need to get my CNC up here.

I 3D printed an adaptor to hold the reflector. Worked great.

LED Nightlight - NightLight (13.2 KB)

I don’t know how useful this would be, but here is the STL and the reflector for thick Proofgrade acrylic. The nightlights are $2.75 so really a good deal. I’ll most likely tweak the design a bit. The LED is bright and it could use a cap on the base holder to keep the light from leaking out front.

Here is a capped version. Printed with easily removable supports. Would be great in white filament,
LED Nightlight - NightLight Base (12.8 KB)


Some day I will get a 3D printer. But for now I will laser and cricket thinks. :slight_smile:


Thank you. Love clever hacks like this to get more functionality from a cheap light.


You are really good at the 3D modeling thing (OnShape I assume?). Thanks, looks pretty useful!


I really enjoy the modeling as much as the finished product. I do need to work on understanding booleans in relation to parts so I can do removes and cutouts better.

Like the reflector could have it’s slots removed by the base and vice versa.


Do you have an sku # by any chance? I can’t find that model on my local Menards website.

You gotta stop this. I can’t afford to buy all these new expensive toys you guys show. It’s killing me! This is seriously cool. If your church does fund raisers, this would be something that I bet would sell like hot cakes. Buy the lights, make the mods and sell as a package. What kid wouldn’t want a cool night light like this?


The receipt says: 3681586.

But that returns nothing with the online store.

This item looks most like it, but I can’t tell for sure: SKU: 3681400. It’s a two pack and I am having a hard time finding the one pack online. Different packaging. Could be the same.

In the meanwhile I found these with Menards online store:

Meridian LED Auto On When Dark Night Lights - 3 pack
Model Number: 10228 Menards ® SKU: 3680071

Says there are three in stock in Kirksville. Strange. Didn’t see them.

They are the easiest to use. I should just order a bunch of these.

I’m going to try and print with a different orientation without support and see how that works. DIdn’t think in 3D last night about rotation. I need to dig out my white filament though for this print. edit: never mind. Too much overhang and then generated support for vertical orientation takes 90 minutes instead of 30. Easy enough to remove support with a dental pick.

I think the resin printer would make some dandy bases. I haven’t set up the resin printer yet. But I am getting closer. I have a new bench and it’s nice to have my toys. I’m working on the exhaust for the Glowforge at the moment. I got a 6" Vivosun and am printing adaptors and exhaust tubes. 24 hour print but it is cool to see it form.y


Nice work, as always!! So nice to see you doing projects.

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