Things really get exciting when my engineer husband and I team up. We’re really into light painting with LEDs…

John had gotten this light strand to pan his company’s logo colors, so I felt inspired to make him a more appropriate casing.

Since the lantern box I’d been using was almost right, I expanded it. Mesosphere does a lot with space themes, so I went rocket ship. I could expand the idea to be more useful as a desk organizer, but John insists he loves it as is and is taking it to work. Not that this is going to stop me tinkering, but so it goes…
I’m using Baltic Birch and Balsa.

John plans to link the speed of the light pan to the activity in his company’s slack channel.

I made this deeper by dragging chunks of the box pattern apart.

Box design theory really needs to be next for me. And AutoCAD. I just need to make AutoCAD assemble flat boards for me…

Mesolight in Motion - for those who want to see the lights moving. :slight_smile: (I put them in a grid, but couldn’t stop myself making them swirly. I like swirly.)