Messing with leather


Word got out that I had my Glowforge and an instructor at the local college had a friend who was going to buy one for his wife’s leatherworking business. He asked me if I could do a test run - of course I can – not adjustments made to the basic leather settings on the GF – not too bad for no tinkering


I’m blown away by the photo engrave on leather.



that engrave is amazing


How would ever have imagined a leather engrave could look so good.

Anyone have any pointers for mounting that on a frame?


Yeah, i’ll bet that sold one! Great job! :grinning:


The end use will be sewn into more leather to make a throw pillow


Great idea


You could do it just like any art, I would think. You could spray mount it to a backer board (less than ideal IMO). Photo corners might work with the thickness (I’ve never used them). Or, you could just do a linen hinging tape, which is both easy and preserves the material since it’s a reversible process.


I suppose i am conditioned by stretching to fit frames for painting to think that is the only way.

Another interesting offshoot from OPs engraving is how this might add to the work someone like @Drea does


Mesmerized by the photo engrave. Hopefully we’ll see more leather pillow designs in the near future!


Woah, I kept thinking I was missing a photo on my browser. All I saw was a grayscale photo from a laser printer… It wasn’t until I zoomed in that I realized that was leather! Very impressive!


Beautiful! What great work thanks for the exploration into this new medium!