Meta Data For Instructions

Has anyone figured out how assign meta data to their image files that we upload to our Dashboard so that we can get fancy Print and Assemble Instructions like the official Glow Forge Catalog Prints have? Here’s an example, would like to have this on my own prints.

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It isn’t something that Glowforge supports. There are (Difficult) ways to modify your svg to assign proofgrade actions like cut and engrave but none of the instructions.


Thx… Maybe we’ll get that feature in a future software upgrade. I’ve tried adding meta information to no avail

The meta info gets baked into the XML so I figured I’d give it a shot.

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They’re not off to the side like the :glowforge: ones, but I tend to create instruction sheets and place them off my art board so when the design loads they sit there off the bed so you don’t need to worry about setting them to ignore.


I do wish glowforge would support this but until then gather everything into a folder and include instructions in whatever format you want.
Also, glowforge does support making up and saving settings for materials as well as remembering the last settings used.


The instructions attached aren’t in the metadata – they generated as a separate document that is then parsed and (presumably) added to a database that’s queried by the UI. I understand that’s not exactly what you asked, but I mention as a means of explaining why although they could support this, they are not likely to do so – as it would mean developing novel code for implementation and supporting two pathways for display.

There is also the implication that by displaying embedded instructions, GF somehow stands by those instructions, which they aren’t going to do for obvious reasons.


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