Metal Biz Cards and a few projects

People love the metal business cards I’ve been doing :slight_smile: The blue one is a thicker type card, think credit card sturdiness and the other a thinner “card”.

I have a good friend who is GM for quite a few stores in our region and during one of our lunch meetings I suggested to him to try some “key tag coupons”. I told him he would get an exact count of how many come back and not have the hassle of paper. People seem to love having a “cool looking” coupon and a few have asked if they could keep it! LOL
I just finished his 2nd batch of orders for his stores.

Wood for all the other projects are the 1/8" & 1/4" Hardwood Maple, which has been my favorite so far. But, I just received my order to try some of the other woods. I was disappointed to see that almost all my hardwood maple pieces are not flat and will bow in the middle where I cannot possibly ensure it is flat on the crumb tray. Any suggestions?




Oh, like the little house shaped ones! :grinning:


Where did you find the orange metal cards?

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Put something heavy on top and let them acclimate.


I actually purchased these GOLD ANODIZED ALUMINUM BUSINESS CARDS on Amazon but in the interim found a website with lots of different colors and thicknesses– :slight_smile:
FYI–Out of 50, 46 of them engraved beautifully and the other 4 looked bad. I don’t think it was the GF but something with the finish/color of the actual card. Still, 4 wasn’t bad out of 50.

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If you flip it over so that instead of the middle bowing up, the edges do, you can pin the edges down and that will flatten the whole piece.


I had all of them in a jig and the 4 were all in separate runs.

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the has a large assortment and colors of metal like dog tags and business cards at a reasonable price