Metal leaf heart

I just got this variety pack of metal leaf and wanted to play with it a little before using it on the larger project I have in mind. My origami-style heart design made for a fun little draftboard project with serious shine.

I cut a slightly larger piece, sanded, and painted blue. Then re-masked, scored, and cut. I unmasked a few pieces at a time to do the leafing color by color. The leaf shows every bit of texture from brushing on the adhesive. I went for the chippier/imperfect look because I was lazy. For a more finished look, I would water down my adhesive, take my time, and paint in a similar color before leafing.

This one shows the shine factor a little better. The blue isn’t quite as pronounced as this makes it look.


Thanks for sharing your experience with this material.

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Looks pretty good! What’s your plan for this piece?

:thinking: A reminder not to make useless things?

If it was round, it could be a Tuit!

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My larger project in mind is completely different design – a large piece with a repeating pattern where select elements are leafed.

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