Metal sublimimation

Can we engrave on these
I have hears of people engraving on metal business cards

1.5 Inch Sublimation Blank Aluminum Stickers for Collapsible Phone Holders, Round Sublimation Aluminum Sheets Aluminum Board Heat Transfer for Custom Personalized Sublimation Photo


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You didn’t provide a link to the items you are asking about. In general, the Glowforge cannot engrave on metal. You can mark metal with a marking agent such as CerMark. If you have anodized aluminum, you can remove the colored anodized material and reveal the underlying silver aluminum.


From reading your description, I would say no, not engraveable.

Those things are not anodized aluminum. They would retain their silver color and have a special polyester coating on them to fuse with sublimation inks.

The business card blanks are usually anodized or have color that you can burn away with the laser


@dklgood and @CMadok are both spot on, as always. I covered the same concepts and provide example links in #11 here: