Metallic sharpie on black tile test


Left to right: silver, gold, copper, bare engrave.

In person the copper probably pops the most.


Ooooohhhhh. Aaaaahhh… Love this!!!
Don’t smell the sharpie too much though…lol


Copper get my vote. What tile did you use? The ones I picked up at HD fractured the glaze terribly and I was unable to get clean lines.


Copper looks great on the black background. (Must buy more Sharpies.) :grinning:


It was the only black tile they had in stock, a 2x6 ish bullnose trim piece. I just wanted to try black tiles.

As for fracturing and spalling… if you go too hard on rocks they’ll spall. Maybe you hit it with too much power?


This was just some cheap tile we got at Lowes that is white with a black layer on top.