Methyl Methacrylate Same as (Poly) Methyl Methacrylate?

Any plastic experts willing to review? My friend gave me a sheet of acrylic so I can engrave and cut a design for him. I haven’t heard of this brand Marga Cipta

I’m so used to seeing PMMA (Poly Methyl Methacrylate) plus the toxic section to know this is safe. This one say MMA (Methyl Methacrylate). Aren’t they the same thing? I read MMA is an ingredient to make PMMA

This is the link to the MSDS

I think this is laser safe but then I read this:

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I’m no plastics expert but if the manufacturer provides such a specific warning, i don’t think I would use it.


It’s just acrylic

“The raw material, methyl methacrylate (MMA) is polymerized into MC® cast acrylic sheet.” - they put the P at the end instead of the beginning.

You’ll note that phrasing appears in some form in almost every acrylic supplier:“toxic+and+corrosive”+fumes


Thank you, when it comes to the chemical make up, I know one little thing makes a huge difference. and this is not my strong suit (Think H2O verus H2)

The factory did state these are indeed laser cut safe. I never seen a datasheet that’s not that clear and the website isn’t clear. Usually MSDS is made for the ignorate like me