Metric and Imperial Ruler (30 CM/300 MM/12" Inch ruler)

A ruler in both standard metric units and also those strange historical murica units that only make sense to people with 12 fingers.

I cut mine from clear PG 3mm acrylic but you do you :slight_smile:



One of my favorite songs OF ALL TIME!

Big question for me in making rulers is deciding which way to run the markings. It’s good to have them both go left to right, to get a sense of scale for metric and imperial. But then you have to measure from above for the bottom scale. So I print several rulers, one like yours and then one with left to right for both and the other right to left. that way I can change my zero. Way overthought, but when you can make your own rulers, you can customize as needed. Which gives me a thought. I’m working on a big project for cigar shapes and sizes. Would be cool to have a cigar ruler with ring sizes. I go into a big walk in humidor and most of the time I am going for a cigar that will give me a certain time of smoke. So I have a sense of how ring gauge and length go together for duration. But I am have to read these small tags on a cigar for the dimensions and that’s hard.

Still getting used to understanding standard sizes and shapes, such as a Churchill, lonsdale or panatella. Stay tuned for the ruler post!

Thanks for the inspiration. Here was one of mine.


Looks mighty handy for those of us who swing both ways! :grinning:


I’m in transition…


Yeah I get what you mean, I think on my next one I will put standard screw/nut sizes too

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The other useful thing is to make it out of clear acrylic and engraved (reverse image) from the bottom so you’re looking through it. That eliminates parallax in lining up your measurements.


You are on a roll lately…

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Yeah, I was, but just caught the news…balloon’s deflated. :neutral_face:

Just saw that too

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What news?

Office shooter in Virginia Beach. 12 dead. (so far)

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Number 150 mass shooting in the US so far this year(just said on the news). When the canaries in the coal mine start exploding one needs to ask what is different from when this was an almost unknown thing.


It’s a sad situation.

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Regards the OP i tossed this in a while back

Always nice to have another ruler–thanks for the design!

I’ll be forever in transition, or should I say of dual mind set… Only spent 20 yrs or so in metric land and 3x that in inch land, but school beats the centimeters in to you. The end result is that I am and expect to be permanently confused. I have cm/inch rulers by my laptop, by the :glowforge: and on my desk. Need one inserted in my brain… :rofl:
p.s. Same with Celsius and Fahrenheit although that is less intrusive - only when I talk to my sister.


Same here. I am 5’ 8", drive 100 miles per hour, design in mm for kerf and m3 nuts, but buy 8x6" frames. I’m aiming to lose a stone in weight now it is consistently 30c :smiley:


Ahhhh, never did get used to stones while living in the Uk for a few years. :upside_down_face:


What program did you use to make the ruler?

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