Metroid LED wall art

Catching up to posting old projects: My daughter and I made this for my son this past spring, after we played through the Metroid Prime series together and it became all he could talk about for months.

The circular parts are 1/8” black acrylic with engravings to inlay the colored plates, which are 1/8” draftboard hand colored by little sister. The middle is 1/4” translucent acrylic (with frosted inset shape thanks to the longest engrave job I’ve ever run), as are the “rivet” looking things on the six colored plates, so they stick out past the rest of the piece. With a string of fairy lights crudely taped to the back, it lights up nicely.

One of these days I need to find some fairy lights that can be AC powered instead of needing the battery pack, and then maybe I can fashion something more organized for getting them on the back of the piece…


Family working and playing together leads to great memories.



If ac power is on the table you might want to look at rgb led strips. There are really easy all in one remote controlled strips out there. There are even bendable strips these days.

You’ll want to shop around on price/specifics but something like this:


Cool! Everytime I come on this forum I am hearing about a new game I have never heard of. I need to get gaming! Great work!