MF NY Livel


A few pics. @Dan is live :grinning: (slow data connection amazed they’re keeping everything going)

@henryhbk explaining surgical training models.

@dan and @bailey playing hooky on their booth :grinning:

Some Glowfolk

October 2017 Update

Thanks for the pics!!


Oooh! You’ve added some more since this morning! Excellent! (Looks like everyone is having a great time.) :grinning:
Is that a beer can pop tops top?
(Really is a group of makers.) :smile:


Yep. There were a few folks making and selling chain maile made from pop-top can tabs.


Looks crazy busy but fun and exciting!! Thx for the pics…


It was hot 90F so it looks like the GF cooling was working - I didn’t see any orange glowy buttons :slight_smile: