MFNY Day One

Well Day-One of MFNY is over. Definitely nice to be able to see the show since I am not exhibiting this year.

Got to meet some 3D printing royalty:

Prusa of course just announced a new SLA printer line, along with new high-performance filaments (prusament) line.

And of course some GF Forum royalty:

And @chris1 was being very meta in demoing a google cloud app about actual clouds around the world

Where GF’s booth was last year, was Epilog’s where they had their 48" beast cranking out custom leather coasters (that monster can crank them out very quickly I may add - but I am sure a puppy dies every time you use it) And then next to them was Tormach shredding metal. There were two competing waterjets (Wazer at the hobby-end pricing and the second was around $20,000).

The big central crazy display was the hand of god (I think that is what they said it was called) which is a giant car crushing animatronic hand. Not sure how they were able to get liability coverage for this (nothing between people and the flying shrapnel but crowd control fencing. Some plastic shard skidded past my foot.

In the artist booths near the front there is an amazing fashion artist who makes these incredible pieces out of heat shrink tubing!! He cuts them on the bias so when he heats it it curls. They look better in person. Just super elegant.

There was a laser cut map company (clearly with a very large laser cutter since the world map is around 4x6? They had some really cool custom maps (the company is meridian maps)

They laughed that the hardest thing was they make their own framing, and that that was in fact the hardest to make not suck…

Anyway going to sleep for another day in the morning.


Thank you for taking the time to post this!!!

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Looks like fun. Glad you and @chris1 managed to run into each other


Looks like a hoot! Thanks for posting some pictures, I always enjoy seeing these things and watching folks having a good time. :grinning:

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Thanks for the update!

I will also add it is a pleasant low 70s this year instead of mid 90s. Huge improvement. Able to survive with @bailey and @dan bringing cold water and popsicles!

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Thanks so much for the report! Looking forward to your next updates.

I was surprised by this as well. I thought it would be so simple and easy - it is not.


If you had not said it was made from heat shrink tubing, I would never have guessed it. They are amazing.

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