MFNY day zero

Wow, if day zero is any indication of how this is going to go it is going to be great.
Within the area of two large tents there is :glowforge: and several (I’m not sure I have spotted all of them) :glowforge: sponsored makers. ShopBot, Wazer, Origin, and several other up and maker tools.

I met @Bailey, she is as charming in person as she is here.

@henryhbk is totally down to earth and I look forward to seeing him making his magic.

@emilycarolinemiller1 just blew me away with her leather work. She has a dying technique that is just off the chain. A sort of tie-dye look. She talks about protein binding with the aledines and I’m totally impressed with her understanding of the organic chemistry the goes way beyond me but I love the results.

Gianni, sorry I forget your @, is doing cool things as well.

I got to run the Shaper. This thing (as I knew) will not be any good for production work but is going to be absolutely great for one off work.

Got to know the guys from ShopBot better, there is not a better bunch in wanting to help you get into cnc.

New photo by Mark Evans New photo by Mark Evans

Thanks for posting pics! :grinning:


I made myself a name tag so other Glowfolk would know who the whackjob who came up and just started talking power settings & speeds was :grinning:

Has my avatar (sortof - it doesn’t lase well) to jog memories.


I really meant to do the same but too many things stacked up. I’ve been taking the first approach and then identifying myself when they give me the look. :smile:


Tell the ShopBot people that they should put their original users manual back online, it is an amazing document with neat drawings @markevans36301. If you have never seen it, find a copy! I still have mine.


I’ll sure ask!

It was funny because people know me by @jamesdhatch and not Jim. Dan and I were chatting and he focused on the Jim (& I introduced myself as Jim) and he asked if I had a GF and I had to explain I had a PRU and my forum name - then the light went off :slight_smile:️ I figure it’s better than some here like @takitus or @plgheaded in terms of real name vs forum name.


But man, is it great to meet you and the rest of the Glowfolk in person! :slight_smile:


So nice to meet you in person! I just got back to the office fresh off the flight from NY and am catching up on all Forum posts and candid photos. :slight_smile:


As you, the best part of this thing was meeting people that I know but have never met.


Absolutely! Totally disappointed I didn’t meet you, @chris1, @bailey, and @jamesdhatch!

Wazer was super-cool. I didn’t catch their booth until I was about to leave. But I talked to the guys for a few minutes. Really neat.

Anyway, I’ll look forward to meeting more people next year, I suppose! :slight_smile:


Wazer would have worked way better in that heat given spraying water would be a good coolant!


That’s how you draw a crowd in those temperatures! Take a negative and turn it into an advantage.
Evaporative cooling, Ahhh…

The flight back is the hardest part of the whole weekend :slightly_smiling_face: During the build up to MakerFaire and all during there are a million and one things to do so you’re busy busy busy. The flight back is a crash - nothing left to do, nothing left you could do and not yet back to reach out to answer all the follow ups and questions and start again. The trip home always seems to take forever eh? :grinning:

The drive was no party… I hate driving up from queens (even when I lived in Rye Brook right off the Hutch). Crazy that there was that much traffic even that late at night, and a crunched up 18-wheeler right near the 287 interchange on the Hutch didn’t help matters. I was so excited at midnight to roll into home (and shower)… Thank goodness there was a Dunkin’ Donuts right near Maker Faire on the way so I could get a large iced coffee for the drive…

Yeah, we saw the same thing - lots of traffic. But for us there was no apparent reason - no accidents that we saw or Waze volunteered. Didn’t know why so many people were bailing out of NY on a Sunday early evening.