MFNY Signapalooza

SO figured if Glowforge was willing to hand out some grants, wondered if Reynolds Advanced would (since I’ll burn through $300 worth of silicones this weekend) so asked and they sent over the regional manager to my lab to see the stuff we’d be making, and yes, they will be providing silicone for me there (and I don’t have to lug it down! - of course I am bringing backup). So since Harvard medical school and Massachusetts rules require me to disclose any funding, another sign was born (after the GF sign) so made it in :proofgrade: walnut; not as blown away as I thought I’d be with the convert grays to power (the black R in their logo damned near burned through to the back while the cones behind it are just simply surface marked (no 3D ness).


I don’t know if anyone had seen the small design change I made to the Glowforge sign, I had originally intended on making it in Maple, but figured a more luxurious wood would be cooler, so had to go back and correct :grin:


Very nice! I think the “edit” makes the sign even better.


I imagine they’re tickled with the advertising as well! Nice job! :slightly_smiling_face:


I thought that was a funny way to go back & correct it without burning a whole new sheet (or using the other side). I’m stealing your sign for the GF for the Greater Hartford Mini Maker Faire because they gave me a cool PRU to use for the past 6 months. I’m adding their website URL though so people will be able to have that and I’m going to try a QR code engraving (it may have to end up being a sticker - not sure if the contrast will work for an engrave) for the geeks who just want to scan and go.


Your signs look really great!

IF you want the file here it is… (I combined the correction into this)
GlowForge (10.7 KB)


Not just anyone could make sponsor signs this amusing. :slight_smile: I’m excited to see these in person!


Cool thanks!

I’ll add the website info and see what I can do with the QR code. I’ll repost after I do some testing.