Mic stand weight

So beautiful.

I have a few designs in the “idea stage” that incorporate living hinges, but I find them strangely intimidating.


Functional yet gorgeous. A win!


This turned out really pretty in addition to useful. Thanks for working out the kinks and sharing.


Autumn Gold Rub’n’Buff is a good copper.

I love the design and I love the look. Filling it with half a kilo of copper has me :rofl:


Love the design, and copper would be my choice of color.



If you’re looking for heavier - over on the low-temperature metal casting thread I got hooked up with “lead free fishing weights”. They melt at about 300(150) degrees and are about 2x2x1/2 (50x50x12) per pound(450g) - so you could get that mic stand up to easily 3-4lb (1350-1800g) of weight!


does it ship to (in) Canada? Because I am not sure it can cross the border :thinking:

Haven’t the foggiest - but they’ve got a chat function on their website and I bet they can answer :slight_smile: I also imagine there are equivalent companies in CA!

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I love the pattern! Some color might be nice, but definitely don’t hide the details!

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You can get this on Amazon.ca

Roto Metals RotoMetals Lead Free Pewter - Alloy AC Casting Ingot (92% Tin 7.75% Antimony 0.25% Copper) Britannia Alloy

You can also order direct from that company. Might be cheaper too however it is in USD + shipping.

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I just got a bunch of their metal and I’m pleased with it. Do check their website to compare though as they add $10 a bar to the same product they list on Amazon.

Last time I bought it, you could buy it locally at “sporting goods” stores.

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I tried here and none had anything except literal lead shots… I don’t have a permit for it.

I’m probably not understanding, but you should be able to buy lead fishing weights in Canada, as opposed to shot for reloading shotgun shells. Also, decoy weights are lead.

We do, but the hunting shops I found weren’t helpful in understanding my need.

I can see that.

You need a permit to buy lead shot? That’s a bit odd.

Yes I too have ordered from them. I always cross reference and convert prices before ordering.

Have you considered checking your local dive shops? They should have many different styles of weights including “shot” for scuba divers. You may be able to buy those small 1lb bags and just dump them into your project.

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Canada FTW…

You might feed it to babies. Or geese.

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