Mic stand weight

I tried here and none had anything except literal lead shots… I don’t have a permit for it.

I’m probably not understanding, but you should be able to buy lead fishing weights in Canada, as opposed to shot for reloading shotgun shells. Also, decoy weights are lead.

We do, but the hunting shops I found weren’t helpful in understanding my need.

I can see that.

You need a permit to buy lead shot? That’s a bit odd.

Yes I too have ordered from them. I always cross reference and convert prices before ordering.

Have you considered checking your local dive shops? They should have many different styles of weights including “shot” for scuba divers. You may be able to buy those small 1lb bags and just dump them into your project.

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Canada FTW…

You might feed it to babies. Or geese.

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He must mean he doesn’t have a firearms licence which they probably require to buy reloading supplies.

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Exactly. and in any case, I don’t need that level of polish/ refining.

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No, he might shoot his eye out.


Okie the term I’m looking for here is “Uff Da”


When I was a kid, we hung out with the eccentric Lithuanian carpenter up the street. He had all the coolest stuff in his barn. Always put us kids to work doing stuff for him. I learned a lot of basic chops for carpentry from him. One winter he decided to recycle all the batteries he collected over the years. It was our job to stick them in the fire and burn the case off. Then put the lead in the big iron pot over the fire. We got to pour our own lead weights for trot lines that evening. At least the battery acid was gone by that time. Who knows how many brain cells we burned up. Didn’t care because we got hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps in it. I’m sure his property is a superfund site by now. but it was the best place for a free range kid to hang out.


Coming back to the subject, I don’t know if they could sell me bb’s/ lead shots without a permit, but in any case, they weren’t expressing interest to do so. So I am still searching for a pewter/lead/ weighty provider to be melted. Could using pewter soldering wire (plumbing soldering) be a relatively cost effective option? it’s about 20 $CND per 500g.

I tried salt and sand (similar weight density then my copper wire rings) so not great improvement.

When I needed similar for a soldering iron station, I just used pennies.

Just don’t throw them in randomly like your rings - there’s a ton of wasted volume. Design it so it’s wide enough to allow them to lay flat, then they’ll take up the most volume.

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Since pennies have been abolished in Canada since 2012, I don’t have access to any quantity. But I understand the point. And the copper rings weren’t thrown at random. I tried to layer and interweave them. Then I add salt until saturation.


Yeah as a kid I melted lead for fishing weights too. Washed leaded paint off my hands with leaded gasoline. Used an air hose to blast asbestos dust out of brake drums. Played with mercury. Served on ships with asbestos lagging everywhere. Got routinely covered in synthetic oils and even passed out once from off gassing of some volatile bilge paint. Definitely lost my fair share of brain cells.

Love the polar bear drink. One of my faves.


Did you chat with Roto? They do ship to Canada - for about 35CAD for up to about 5lbs
Did you try dive/scuba shops as was suggested?
Gun shops are not the only option

I have checked for scuba shop, the nearest is at 300+ km from home. Bit of a drive.

I haven’t chat with roto.

But the penny/ nickel idea is fermenting, not a bad idea of layered coins. Bit of a waste of actual money, but probably worth thinking of it.