Michaels discontinuing Glowforge PG materials?

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I went to Michaels today to find their PG materials were in the discount isle and the GF display was gone. Bummer. So I’m curious if that’s a corporate wide decision, or just my local store? If anyone knows…

The few materials they had left were atleast 40% off. So I got some thick and light cherry plywood for a great deal. Maybe I’ll get a few sheets of the Oversized acrylic if they mark those down a little more next week.

They did have a few new pallets of Cricut and Silhouette on the floor though, just in time for the PFD. I might have to get one to check it out. You could say I’ve been ‘Cricut curious’ lately. :wink:



My closest Michaels never had any, manager insisted it was online only.

I guess to be expected in our little village of Atlanta.

The Joann across the street carried some, but it was picked over and ridiculously priced.


That’s a shame… they could have given it a bit longer!

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They have a big fancy display with a GF at my closest Joann, and nobody has a clue how to use it. I even offered to volunteer time to get it working and teach people, and nobody had a clue about how to access it. As you probably know, you need a GF account to access any machine. The folks at the store just said “plug it in”.


That seems so shortsighted of them, very annoying/sad.

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I mean what did they think would happen its ridiculously over priced even prior to the pandemic raising prices. Wish it were near me I would buy it all…

I did visit a Michaels in Miami and found Glowforge PG material heavily discounted.

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I just went to my local Michaels and found they had several items for GF usage including acrylic, thick plywoods and MDF. No markdowns, but also no clearance. I think it must have been just at your local or regional store(s).

Where was this?

Michael’s store in Cary, NC started carrying GF materials about six months ago.

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The ones near me that did carry them have been slowly clearing out

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