Michaels in store purchase

By chance, does anyone know where the Michael’s list is for in store purchases of Glowforge? I have 2 machines, a third on order and one of the 2 is currently down. I cant afford to have less than 2 machines running or I’ll fall severely behind.

I am willing to buy a fourth if i can get that in my hands ASAP. Anyone have a clue? I havent been able to find anything other than articles saying theyll be sold in select stores. Thanks for your time and help.

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That’s a great question. I wonder if there are physical Michaels stores with actual Glowforges in stock to sell. I don’t recall any evidence of this on the forum, but I have not read all the posts like some of the folks here.

I went to three Micheals in Austin, TX in January to see what they had for Glowforge. Only one had a display and that only sold materials. Not even a laser to use.


Yeah, i checked here too. Nothing found. Im kind of worried that the one l3ft functioning will fail and ill be screwed. Im already falling behind and this one just went down yesterday after only 6 months :sleepy::sob::sob::sob:

You might let us know where you are and maybe someone will sell you their Glowforge. It’s a shot.

San Diego, CA. Good call.

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That is a location that might have something to fall out of the trees if you shake them a bit.


I’ve been to two nearby Michaels and they both said materials were only sold online.

One of two nearby Joann stores has a display - I shared a pic here - with a machine and a scattering of materials. Nobody in the store could tell me how to access it. There was no computer set up with access.

None expected to ever sell machines. If you think UPS/FedEx mishandles them, you definitely wouldn’t want these people lugging a GF box around.

I do live in this little backwoods village called Atlanta. That might have something to do with it.


What is wrong with it?
There are several here for sale as well :grin:


I guess the head is having trouble communicating. Im still eaiting for them to initiate the exchange.

If you are running that many machines at a time, you might seriously consider investing in a faster laser! @jbmanning5 had the same experience of running several machines with hired help, and found a huge time savings with a top-of-the-line laser. Maybe he will chime in and tell you his experience?

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